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Neat little game you've got here. Though may I ask you something?

Thank you so much for the complements! And of course you can ask me something (sorry for the super late reply)

You interested in porting this over to MV?

If I knew how to then I suppose I could. It's probably very simple I'll have to look into that :)

I could help with that.I have MV and an software for scaling up images to MV standards. A New Home + is an example of one I've done. I'm also doing some others too, but I don't mind if I do this one too. 

Well that's good. I guess I could go for it. Though how would it work and why my game might I ask?

Well cause Markiplier is a pretty awesome guy. And I'm interested in trying to port some Markiplier RPG Maker games to MV since I did A New Home +. Hope this isn't a bad reason why I picked your game? IT caught my eye really.

Well that's a fine enough reason. I might actually upload my other fan game here as well which is on MV. So do I need to send you the files for porting or is there another way?

I would need all the files for the game. That includes the project too, which is needed for converting over to MV. And not encrypted either, it won't open if the project is encrypted. Can you send it all through dropbox?

I believe I could, just message me your dropbox and I'll try to send those over

Great Game

Thank you so much! :D

I have to say this is one of the best rpg games by far that I ever had played

Really? That's incredibly high praise! Are you sure you're commenting on the right game? XD

Thank you so very much nonetheless! <3

Yes I am commenting on the right game. 10/10 I would buy it