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Hello and welcome to Death By References! (Featuring Markiplier)

This is my second fan game featuring the wonderful Markiplier!

This game follows Mark as he goes through the usual fan game set up, as he reunites with his familiar companions like Tiny Box Tim and Wilford Warfstache!

But this fan game is different in that the 'developer' isn't in control of the game!


And she is taking the title of the game FAR too literally!

As the player you guide Mark through a self referential and fourth wall breaking references. Whilst collecting items and other nonsense relating to Mark's YouTube career!

To start the game just turn right and look at the small envelope on the floor.

Nearly all of the things in the background have something to say, so explore away!
Also each of those objects and characters are activated by walking up to them, but some may require you to press the action button (this may be enter or the space bar) Plus there isn't any consequential battling in this game, just to let you know!

There are three possible endings to explore,

  1. A little Puppet Just For Me
  2. Absent
  3. So Emotional!

If you're going to record it, I would estimate that the game would take around maybe 30 minutes or more to finish. It took just under 65 hours to make (Double the time for the last one!) So hopefully I have produced a doubly better game!

But anyway! I won't spoil anymore, so play it for yourself and go down a dangerous memory lane!

Hope you guys enjoy! :D

One last note~
(The super fan does say some odd things, for example one comment about fan fiction. So I have to say that those opinions are just for story purposes, not mine!
Her dialogue is in light blue!)

Here is a walkthrough if you happen to need it with all the time stamps included to get through each reference successfully and see each of the three endings!


Install instructions

You will need RPG maker VX Ace to play the game


Death By References!.exe 432 MB


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Neat little game you've got here. Though may I ask you something?

Thank you so much for the complements! And of course you can ask me something (sorry for the super late reply)

You interested in porting this over to MV?

If I knew how to then I suppose I could. It's probably very simple I'll have to look into that :)

I could help with that.I have MV and an software for scaling up images to MV standards. A New Home + is an example of one I've done. I'm also doing some others too, but I don't mind if I do this one too. 

Well that's good. I guess I could go for it. Though how would it work and why my game might I ask?

Great Game

Thank you so much! :D

I have to say this is one of the best rpg games by far that I ever had played

Really? That's incredibly high praise! Are you sure you're commenting on the right game? XD

Thank you so very much nonetheless! <3

Yes I am commenting on the right game. 10/10 I would buy it